We're the Business Builders Direct Answers – Real Results
We're the Business BuildersDirect Answers – Real Results

If you want to get more out of your

service-based business... Congratulations!

You've come to the right place.

Business Consulting

Small business owners call on us for expert advice and hands-on assistance. We can help shore up all aspects of your business from financial concerns to operational nightmares to employee headaches.

Speaker Programs

Attract new prospects and delight your existing customers with our Business & Breakfast and Business Lunch & Learn programs. We'll deliver one of our talks, or a customer program just for you.

Business Builder Workshops

Business Builder Workshops provide hands-on training to business owners on the fundamentals they need to succeed.

Business Success Coach | Entrepreneur Advisor

At Direct Point Advisors, personalized service and dedication to the success of your organization is what we are all about. Using a proven methodology, we'll develop a practical road map to help you achieve your business goals. Then, when we're needed, we'll assist in orchestrating the activities and coaching your staff.


Why choose us? Experience Counts. We've been in your shoes running a business. We've sat in the hot seat of responsibility. All the textbooks in the world can't give you the real world perspective and assistance we provide.


Contact us to discuss your needs and whether retainer, part-time, interim, project-based, or ad hoc hourly assistance is right for you.

What we bring to the table What you can expect
► Big picture perspective √ Order out of chaos

► Broad business acumen

√ Better use of resources

► Out-of-box thinking

√ New ideas and insights
► Results oriented focus √ Alignment with goals
► Get it done attitude √ A successful company

We promise

  • The help you need - direct and to the point
  • An objective evaluation of your current situation
  • Clearly identified opportunities and problem areas
  • An easy to understand Action Plan
  • 1:1 support of your management team

 ~ 704-559-9323 ~ info@directpointadvisors.com ~



- Benjamin Franklin

Follow our 3-Steps to Business Growth:

1. Clearly identify what is working well

2. Discover what you need NOW to bring your business to the next level

3. Engage the right advisors to connect the dots and magnify your success!

Business Builder Workshops  Call to find out how to schedule a workshop event for your organization! 704-559-9323

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